Native American Eagle Art

About Native American Eagle Art

Native American Eagle Art and Culture

Native American eagle art and culture are intertwined. Eagles are a common motif in Native American art. Across all tribes, eagles were of utmost importance and believed to carry prayers to the gods. Native American eagle art covers everything from jewelry, to the large carved totems of some tribes, rock art, textile art and everything in between. Prevalent both historically and in the contemporary world, Native American eagle art remains popular.

The religion of Native Americans was shamanistic. Native American eagle art is a reflection or these beliefs. Animals regularly adorned pottery, baskets, fabrics, and were cared from wood and stone. Native American eagle art was held in particularly high regard because eagles are a symbol of power, bravery, and a connection to the spirit world.

Native American Eagle Art Jewelry

Expert metalwork, beading, wood and bone carving, and the use of precious and semi-precious gemstones makes Native American eagle art jewelry very distinct. The assorted materials are combined in elaborate ways to create some of the most amazing Native American eagle art. Metal can be formed into the shape of an eagle or eagle patterns beaded. There are eagle necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and ketohs. Not just eagles, but eagle feathers are also regularly depicted in Native American eagle art, including jewelry. This Native American eagle art was worn historically for ceremonies as well as for aesthetics.

Native American Eagle Art Totems

On a larger scale than jewelry are the recognizable totem poles created by Native Americans of the Pacific northwest. This Native American eagle art was meant to recount family histories, document events, and some were purely decorative. At the top of each totem would often be the family crest, sometimes an eagle, from which the family believed they were descended. The eagles are very recognizable and usually with their wings spread wide.

Other Native American Eagle Art

Native Americans are also known for their intricate basket weaving as well as pottery. Some other examples of Native American eagle art include clay eagle effigies, baskets with eagle patterns, and other ceramics adorned with eagles. Tipis would be decorated with eagles and eagles would be painted on leather and other textiles. Native American eagle art also includes the ancient rock paintings and petroglyphs dating back to 14,000 BC, showing the long importance of eagles.

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